How to Use Digital Files and SVG FAQ

You've bought some gorgeous new SVG and DXF files and you're ready to create a masterpiece with your silhouette or what?  

Let's start at the beginning...

  • Download your purchased file

  • Unzip the downloaded file (should be in your "downloads" folder) to wherever you keep your cutting files. I like to keep a folder for mine on my desktop so they are all together and I can find them easily.

  • Open a new document in your silhouette or cricut software

  • Drag the correct file into your document. Each machine/program requires a different file format. For instance, the regular version of the silhouette program (and most programs that the cricut uses) needs a .dxf file, while the designer edition of the silhouette program requires an .svg file.

  • Right click and "ungroup" so that you can pick which portion of the design you want to use. Use your arrow tool to draw a "bounding" box around the part you want to keep and right click "group."  You can then click "ctrl+a" to highlight everything, and while holding the shift key click on the group you want to keep, then hit delete to delete everything not in your group.  Now you can resize, add to it and cut your design.