More Bandana Animals!

I just can't stop myself, I love these little guys so much!  And the great thing about them is you don't have to use a cutting machine with them ;)  They ALL come in .jpg and .png formats so you can use them for printable projects like personalized notecards and note pads or even in your digital scrapbooking projects!

Here are the new additions ... leave a comment with a new animal suggestion and you just might win a free membership to the Bandana Club!



Ok, I just stumbled on your blog for the digiscrap parade, and your banada-dudes are so danged cute! How about... a 'prickly before coffee' type hedgehog, or a nearsighted, bespectacled mole? Chuihuahua with huge ears?


I'm in Loooove with the with the Dachshund. She reminds me of my own Bella. How about a squirrel wearing a bandana or a parrot. These animals are so adorable.

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